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Call for Artists

Union Park District Council, in partnership with Forecast Public Art, and with funding from the Knight Foundation, invites artists or artist teams from the Union Park District to participate in DARTS [District Arts Partnership] during the summer of 2017.

The DARTS project will focus on the heavily trafficked University/Snelling intersection, which is a multi-modal hub for cars, pedestrians, light-rail transit, and buses, making it the busiest intersection in the Union Park District. With a soccer stadium and major redevelopment planned nearby, this area will see even more traffic and congestion in the near future. An artist or artist team will produce projects at or near the intersection that:

  • activate public spaces for people rather than vehicles
  • inspire improvements to the pedestrian experience
  • encourage the use of transportation other than cars

Selected artist/artist teams will produce a series of temporary, pop-up, tactical urbanism, public life interventions which will have an impact on the people who interact with them and the space in which they are located. Other goals include:

  • disrupt the everyday workings of the University/Snelling intersection
  • create “what if” scenarios that help the people in the community imagine the potential of their neighborhood
  • take an inventory of the change in the intersection due to the artist created projects

Please answer the following questions [300 word max for each]:

  • Contact information for all team members – name, phone number, email address, and a website if you have one – and your connection to Union Park.
  • Why are you the perfect person/team to work on this project.
  • What are your experiences with the University/Snelling intersection?
  • What is your vision for this project? How will your experiences with the University/Snelling intersection inform your work on this project?

Please do not write a full proposal at this time; we just want to get an idea of what materials and approach you may use.
Please submit responses in a Word Document or PDF via email to
All materials must be received by 4:30 p.m. CST June 14, 2017. No letters of interest will be accepted after this time.
Budget: The total budget for this project is $6000, which must cover all design, installation, artist fees, materials, and other related expenses. Depending upon the number and quality of submissions, this amount may be divided among several artists/teams.
June 14 - submission deadline
June 16 - artists/teams selected and notified
Middle of June - artist site tour with District Council members
July/August/September - implementation of artist projects
October/November - evaluation and reflection
Questions? Email