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Our Transportation Committee usually meets on the second Monday of each month from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at 161 Snelling Avenue N. Our next meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, December 11.

The Transportation Committee advocates for the objectives outlined in the Union Park Community Plan regarding transportation and supports various Transportation Initiatives. The Committee addresses issues related to transportation infrastructure, public right of way, multi-modal options, safety, mobility and liveability. The Transportation Committee makes recommendations to the Board, or for issues directly related to land use, to the Committee on Land Use and Economic Development. 

All are welcome to attend our Transportation Committee meetings. If you would like to be on our distribution list, please email If you are interested in joining our committee, you’ll need to attend three meetings to become a voting member.

Future Road Projects


Current Transportation Committee Topics

Watch here for updates on the issues to be discussed at an upcoming meeting. 


Recent Transportation Committee Issues


Summit Bridge

The City of St. Paul plans to replace the Summit Avenue bridge over the Short Line Railroad and Ayd Mill corridor in 2018. The bridge is at the end of its useful life, and the opportunity for redesign will allow the city to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety in the area. Committee members and residents had an opportunity to ask questions about two possible design options and offer feedback on design and proposed detours.


Hamline Avenue

The committee has discussed safety and traffic concerns along the Hamline Avenue corridor between University and Summit Avenues. Among the numerous issues identifed are pedestrians crossing mid-block, traffic speeds, congestion created by left-hand turns, excessive "lane jockeying," and the need to accommodate bicycle facilities in the future. The committee will continue to work on this issue and coordinate with city staff to plan for long-term improvements.


Pelham Bikeway

The city is proposing biking improvements along Pelham and presented a final proposal to our committee on Monday, March 13. Part of Saint Paul's Grand Round, Pelham is slated to receive a two-way in-street protected bikeway. While bicycle connectivity and safety will be enhanced, there is also some loss of vehicle parking involved in the project. The City Council will be holding a public hearing on the project on Monday, June 7 at 5:30pm. All are invited to attend and provide public testimony in favor or in opposition to the project.


St. Anthony Avenue traffic calming and bicycle facility planning

A group of residents worked with Public Works Transportation Planners to address concerns about vehicle traffic speed along St. Anthony Avenue between Snelling and Prior Avenues. They analyzed traffic and parking data, and reviewed various options to achieve traffic calming along the variety of roadway widths presented there (the image below illustrates one of the options along the widest stretch).

Because St. Anthony Avenue is part of the City's bike plan, and because St. Anthony can provide an important connection to the site of the future soccer stadium, bicycle facilities are being discussed as part of the solution.

Public Works staff presented a final proposal to our Committee at our Monday, March 13 meeting. If you have questions or comments about this project, check out the city's project page and contact Reuben Collins, the St. Paul Transportation Engineer working on the project.


Pedestrian Safety at Snelling and Selby

City staff attended a recent committee meeting to address resident concerns around pedestrian safety at Snelling and Selby Avenues. Saint Paul is involved in developing a policy for Leading Pedestrian Intervals (LPI), which allow pedestrians a few seconds to begin walking before parallel vehicle traffic gets a green light. Saint Paul is piloting LPI at three intersections elsewhere in the city, recognizing that there is a tension between adding time for pedestrians and increasing vehicle wait time (and congestion) and possibly pushing more traffic into neighborhoods. The Committee passed a resolution supporting the city's study of LPI -- and instituting "no turn on red" -- at the Snelling/Selby intersection, and requested a report within six months. 

Relatedly, as part of the Vintage project, the bumpout in front of Whole Foods was expanded to shorten the pedestrian crossing distance there. A right hand turn lane is being installed on Selby at Saratota to allow westbound vehicles to access northbound Snelling by using Saratoga and avoiding the Snelling/Selby intersection. 

Potential medians along Snelling through Union Park

Our full Union Park board recently endorsed the concept of adding medians along Snelling Avenue between Selby and Summit Avenues, and authorized additional community engagement on the idea. Similar to the stretch south of Grand Avenue, the medians would allow through-traffic and left turns at every other block (likely at Selby, Laurel and Portland), while providing pedestrian refuge and blocking through-traffic and left turns at alternate blocks (likely at Hague and Ashland). No parking along Snelling would be lost as a result of the median installation.

Please let us know your thoughts on this proposal by completing this short survey. Thank you!



Cretin Avenue sidewalks

The City of Saint Paul is planning to submit an application to MnDOT for grant funding to support the addition of sidewalks on the west side of the Cretin Avenue between I-94 and Marshall, adjacent to the Town and Country Club. The funds they are seeking are through a federal traffic safety grant program (HSIP) administered by MnDOT. City staff will present to the Committee on the project and identify opportunities for community input.

Members of the Committee are also interested in addressing pedestrian safety in crossing Cretin from I-94 to Summit Avenue. At Monday's meeting, the Committee will discuss previous projects addressing that issue in preparation for further discussions with the City on options for Cretin.


St. Paul Healthy Transportation for All 

This initiative aims to support the creation of an environmentally sound and economically efficient multimodal transportation system that will be equitable and improve public health. UPDC continues to be active in this group, participating in and facilitating dialogues between city staff, politicians, advocates, and other District Councils. 

Pedestrian Safety 

UPDC is consistently involved in efforts to enhance our streetscape for people who walk and improve compliance with laws that protect pedestrian safety. In Minnesota, every intersection is a crosswalk, and vehicle drivers must yield to pedestrians at any intersection! (Minnesota Statutes § 169.21)

On March 17th, UPDC kicked off a series of pedestrian safety events as part of the new Stop for Me campaign. Stop For Me is a yearlong effort to improve safety for people who use St. Paul’s sidewalks and cross our streets. The campaign is organized by St. Paul’s 17 District Councils, St. Paul Smart Trips, and the St. Paul Police Department.

On average, a pedestrian or bicyclist is hit in St. Paul every other day. Last year, six people were killed while crossing St. Paul streets. These injuries and deaths are preventable. No one wants to be involved in a crash. Look for pedestrians at every corner, and stop for them every time. It's the law. Check out this video to learn more.

Watch for our future events and stay connected to the new campaign by visiting the Stop for Me website and reading the recent news coverage below: 

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