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Crime and Safety Information


 Crime and Safety Information

There are many ways to stay in informed and be proactive about crime and safety in Union Park.  Our community is part of Saint Paul’s Western District. You can follow the Western District on Facebook, and join them for monthly community meetings on the third Tuesday of each month at both 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. at 389 North Hamline Avenue. 

Read an interview  with former Crime Prevention Specialist, Pam McCreary about how to better protect your house and neighborhood. In the interview Pam shares tips from her many years in service.

Crime and safety services

Vacation Watch

Vacation Watch is a free service provided by the Saint Paul Police Department. If you are going to be away from home for 2-30 days, you can register to have Reserve Officers check on your home. If there is any evidence that your home has been tampered with, it will be treated as a possible burglary in progress. Call the Community Services Unit at (651) 266-5485 to sign up.

Premises check

Another free program provides residents with a security premise evaluation. A Reserve Officer will evaluate your home and discuss lighting, locks, security systems, windows, and other security measures you could take to improve your home’s safety. Some insurance companies provide premium discounts to residents participating in the security audit. Call the Community Services Unit at (651) 266-5485 for more information. 

Online police reporting

You should always call 911 in an emergency or if you are observing suspicious activity in process. However, the Saint Paul Police Department also offers an online police reporting system that allows you to file online police reports for certain incidents that:

  • are non-emergencies
  • occurred within the city of St. Paul
  • have no known suspects
  • did not occur on an interstate freeway
  • are not motivated by bias

Burglary of a detached garage, damage to property, fraud and forgery, harassing phone calls, illegal dumping, lost property and theft from automobiles are examples of crimes that can be reported. Once you submit the information, it is reviewed by a police officer, entered into the records management system and assigned a case number. You’ll be emailed a copy of the police report, which can be used for insurance purposes.

College student conduct issues 

We appreciate the diversity of our neighbors -- families with children, retirees, young professionals, and college students. However, at times, college student conduct issues become distruptive. The University of Saint Thomas's Neighborhood Relations department has advice on how to handle neighborhood disturbances. If you're dealing with a problem on your block, please feel free to contact us as well.