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Union Park District Council is following the guidance of the Minnesota Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control to slow the spread of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and help protect the health and safety of its staff, partners and the community. 
  • Union Park District Council offices will be closed through March 31st. 
  • The staff will be working from home.
  • All UPDC meetings will here on out be online so please look out for meeting emails.

Neighborly Assistance

  • If you or someone you know is immunocompromised, elderly, sick, or otherwise concerned for any reason and needs help during this outbreak of the coronavirus--your neighbors want to help you!

Need assistance? Click Below!

Want to help your neighbors? Click Below!


Need to get in touch? Reach us at:

(651) 645-6887 or


Saint Paul Parks and Recreation facilities to the public, including recreation and community centers, municipal athletic facilities, Great River Water Park, and Como Zoo and Conservatory will be closed beginning March 16th through the 27th

The Minnesota Department of Health Coronavirus/COVID-19 information is available on their website and a hotline is available to take phone calls: 651-201-3920 or 1-800-657-3902 open 7 AM to 7 PM.

Ramsey County Public Health - local, updated information about Coronavirus
Programs and restaurants offering food to families in Minnesota

Self-care Resources for Healthcare Workers - ideas, tricks, and advice for any healthcare worker currently involved in fighting COVID-19

Important Things To Know:


On March 16, 2020, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz issued an executive order to ensure workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic have full access to unemployment benefits. The executive order makes applicants eligible for unemployment benefits if:

  • A healthcare professional or health authority recommended or ordered them to avoid contact with others.
  • They have been ordered not to come to their workplace due to an outbreak of a communicable disease.
  • They have received notification from a school district, daycare, or other childcare providers that either classes are canceled or the applicant’s ordinary childcare is unavailable, provided that the applicant made reasonable effort to obtain other childcare and requested time off or other accommodation from the employer and no reasonable accommodation was available.

 More Information for Workers:

Greater Twin Cities United Way’s 2-1-1 Resource Hotline: If you or someone you know is in need, dial 2-1-1 or text the letters MNCOVID to 898-211

Their Certified Community Resource Specialists are trained to make appropriate referrals for people who believe they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. They also are available to provide local resources related to accessing food, paying housing bills and other essential services. Another helpful resource is our 2-1-1 website.

Saint Paul Public Libraries are closed March 16th - 27th. In the meantime discover the digital library resources

Facebook Groups for Neighborhood Community Support:

A message from MySlumberYard

  • Seventy-four percent of Americans experience sleep-related struggles multiple nights per week, contributing to heightened chronic stress responses and weakened immunity during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

    That’s why we created an educational guide, Sleep, Immune System & COVID:

    We explore how sleep affects the immune system while providing tips from our sleep experts to amplify the quality of your nighttime routine and, ultimately, support your health. We also break down a list of self-care and daily lifestyle habits with a direct impact on remaining physically healthy and mentally strong.


A message from St. Paul Police Department:

"The Saint Paul Police Department is, unfortunately, experiencing fraud activity preying on concerns about COVID-19 within our community.  We realize that a lot of communications are being published from organizations like out colleges, universities, and neighborhood councils on this topic.  Nevertheless, I promised to pass along information on current fraud trends and this is a concern we would like to interdict for the benefit of our citizens.

 Our best advice

  • Engage only trusted sources for your information.
    • For example, A recent site (coronavirusapp.[.]site) had people believing they would get updated maps of the virus outbreak.
    • Instead, they found it had ransom wear that locked them out of their phones and demanded $100 in bitcoin to have the phone unlocked.
    • Watch out for phishing emails and texts.
    • Students received an email claiming to be from their college directing them to a webpage for updates on the school's actions.
    • Instead, they were asked to log in to their office 365 accounts and their credentials were stolen.

We advise undertaking a dual-verification approach to responding to calls for assistance, fundraising or for up to the minute information on the emerging trends of this pandemic.

  • Instead of responding directly to an e-message or following a link embedded in an e-mail or text message, we recommend taking extra steps to contact the source of the message and seek out how to participate.
  • We recommend interested persons use an alternative means of looking up contact phone numbers or e-mail addresses to participate in any programs.  DO NOT rely on links or use phone numbers included in the message – use an alternative means to source appropriate contact information."

Take good care of yourselves, your families, and your neighbors!

Annual Social Results: What We Hope To Change

At last month's annual social, we asked our membership and guests what they hoped to see changed about Union park. Here are those results. They will help guide us into the next year.

Annual Social Results: Priorities

At last month's Annual Social, we asked our membership and guests what they hoped Union Park to prioritize for next year. These results will guide us going forward.

Neighborhood Honor Roll Feedback Request

Recently, the District Councils of Saint Paul have voted to not hold a city-wide Neighborhood Honor Roll in order for the District Councils to reimagine the event.

fret not, for nominations are still open. Fortunately, UPDC has decided to hold a Neighborhood Honor Roll event just for neighbors in Union Park towards the end of the 2020 year.

In the meantime, give us your feedback by taking this survey on what you would like to see happen for next year's City-wide Neighborhood Honor Roll.

Saint Paul Public Works Community Meeting about Ayd Mill Road



3/19: Ayd Mill Road Community Meeting Update From St. Paul Public Works 

Following federal and state guidelines, Saint Paul Public Works canceled the scheduled in-person community meeting on Ayd Mill Road. To continue to meet the project timeline, share project information and gather community feedback, Public Works recorded the planned in-person PowerPoint presentation as a narrated video of the slides.

Please watch the Ayd Mill Road Community Presentation video, which shares information about the history of Ayd Mill Road, the condition of the road, and alternatives that have been considered for repair and maintenance of the road, including the proposed 3-lane plan. After watching the video or viewing the PowerPoint slides of the presentation, please complete the feedback form by March 31, 2020 so we can gather your concerns and questions about the recommended proposal for Ayd Mill Road.