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Our Work

The Voice of Union Park

The Union Park District Council is an independent nonprofit that engages the power of community to advance neighborhood vitality and develop neighborhood leadership. We represent the interests of the community on a broad range of public policy and city governance issues. From new building permits and university relations to transportation and environmental issues, we advise decision makers on a wide variety of topics and issues. Every official recommendation to the city and other policy-making body is the result of active citizen participation and deliberation on the part of our Committees or Board of Directors. 


The Union Park District Council serves as an important source of information of interest to our community. We share stories and content via a wide range of platforms including this website, our monthly eNewsletter, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Look for updates on neighborhood happenings in our regular column in the Villager Newspaper. We are active in other community discussion forums as well. If you are looking to get the word out about an event, project or anything else of interest to the community please let us know and we will share it with our networks.
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Union Park’s committees are made up of dedicated and engaged volunteers from our community. They typically meet once a month and work on a broad array of issues including transportation, land development, parks improvements, community building and more. Anyone can join a committee, and all of our committee meetings are open to the public.
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Programs, Projects, and Initiatives

Our work spans a wide variety of areas that include land use and development, transportation, sustainability, community building, and improving the overall livability and vitality of the Union Park community.  We establish Task Forces to address specific issues, are completing our ten-year community plan, and always have a community engagement event in the works. Contact us to get involved.
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Technical Support

Union Park District Council staff members have experience in conceptualizing, developing and implementing community-oriented projects and initiatives. We can serve as fiscal agent for neighborhood groups and organizations, and can advise individuals and groups applying for grants and funding. Whether you are looking for assistance navigating city processes or are looking to be connected to the right decision-makers and resources, let us know your plans and we'll do what we can to help you succeed. 


We've created a survey to get input from the community on Union Park District Council's work. Your feedback will help us better plan community engagement in the future. Thank you.